What are they?

​​Soap nuts come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, aka Indian Soapberry. They are actually a berry, but because they are dried they become hard, like a nut. The seeds have been removed.

No Chemicals. Reusable. Simple.

Soap nuts contain Saponin, which works by reducing surface tension in the water. This makes water easier to penetrate into soiled fabrics. The agitation from your machine removes the dirt and particles, and the Saponin keeps the particles from redepositing on your fabrics.

*Bio-Degradable, throw them in the compost pile when done!

*Safe for all washing machines. Little to no bubbles - perfect for HE washers.

*Odorless, Gentle, Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic. 

*Safe for all skin types and materials, including cloth diapers.

*Can be used to make household cleaners, flea and tick spray, shampoo, body wash, and many others. I will soon update this page with recipes for making each one!

How to Use:

Simply place 4-5 soap nuts in a reusable cotton bag and tie shut. Place at the bottom of washer and allow to soak in hot water for a few minutes, this releases the sapolin in the berry. You can also place them in a cup of hot water, just remember to add the water to the wash as well. If you are not using immediately, allow to air dry. If thrown in the washer it will not ruin your clothes, it just may decrease the usage you get out of the berries.

These 4-5 soap will last 4-5 washes. When the nut becomes soft and dull, it is time to replace. So smell from the nut is normal, but it will not transfer to clothing. If you would like some scent in your wash, simply add a few drops of essential oils. 

Soap Nuts